Sunday, February 8, 2015

month 19

This months been great! First let me start with numbers.
Surgery day:330
Total lost:168 pounds lost.
An update i had my hital hernia fixed..i feel so much better no more pain! I am however having to do two weeks liquid diet and five weeks soft foods. Before going back to normal eating. My next dr. Appt will be in august for year 2. I have had a hard time following the diet after getting my hernia fixed. I have slipped a few times. But i go back on track! Ive been exercising more with our warmer weather. Walking mostly but some exercise bike. Ive been slowly trying things like swai its a kind of fish. And quinoa, adding in a fruit Here and there.
I have been going once a month to support group. I find in helps alot to have others with wls to talk to.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

month 17-18

Lets start with numbers
Start 383
Surgery 330
Today 219
Loss 164 pounds
Well this month has been interesting. On January 7th i had surgery to fix my hernia. Boy i never expected the pain it was worst then when i had gastric bypass. The gas pain was killer! Now im home and have to do two weeks of liquids and five weeks of soft foods. Back to the beginning .its like right after my gastric bypass. Only 19 more pounds before im in one hundreds. I cant wait! After i heal up im going back to exercising again. I started the new year off right. My resolutions are to 1.stay on plan
2.Exercise everyday
3. Hit goal by my birthday
Well i hope everyone had a merry christmas and a happy new year to all.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

month 16 after rny gastric bypass

Thats right month 16 , lets start with numbers.
Surgery date:330
Loss so far 160 pounds!
I really believe . That doctors dont get weight loss surgery patients enough psychiatric care. They should really make sure we have gotten to the root of why we are over weight! What causes us to eat the way we do,that got us so obese. And for us to understand and be prepared that the surgery doesnt cure that need to eat. What ever you reason be. i wish now i could have brain surgery to fix my brain!  Fix the head hunger,the eating when bored,sad,lonely,upset hell even eating when happy. Every emotion can be a reason to eat sometimes. Ok let me get off my soap box.
Thanks giving went pretty good. I ate turkey and a small portion of sweet potato with marshmallow on top. Well sweet potatos are my favorite. No one else wanted any so i shouldnt have even bought them. Lesson learned! Tomorrow i start with a new plan! Stay on plan for a full month and ill treat myself to a kindle. On plan two months another treat.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

month 14-15

Starting with numbers
Total loss:158 pounds
These last couple months have been good. I been sticking to plan only had a few mishaps of eating off plan. I have a dr. Appt this month on the 20th to see if my hital hernia gets fixed. If thats what been causing my pain i hope she fixes it! Today i started the 5 day pouch test, if you want to know more google it. It helps a wls patient get rid of carbohydrate and sugar cravings. Even supposed to shrink your pouch. Im on day one full liquids. Going easy so far. Other then head hunger. Whats everyone plans for thanksgiving? I plan on staying on plan except i might have small portion of foods i love. Its only once a year. Ive really have lost alot. Im able to fit a large shirt and 18w in pants. I love being able to buy off regular rack! Thift stores are more fun now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

update 13 & 14th month

Lets start with numbers
Pre surgery:330
152 pounds down
I doing really well. Still walking two miles a day somtimes three miles..if this rain would let up. Really working on staying on the plan my dr gave me.still eating 2oz of protein with 1/4 cup of veggies for lunch and dinner and a protein shake for breakfast. I stay up late at night and my head hunger kicks in! I try not to eat if i do i eat something low carb/low fat.

Had a visit with the heart doctor to check to make sure pain in chest wasnt my heart. I hada stress test and uultrasoun. Of my heart. EEverythingcame back perfect. She said my pain under my breast bone might be eesophageal spasms, which is quite painful. Or i think its my hital hernia. I have an appt. In november to see if she will fix it.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

a picture to show a differencein weight loss

Heres a picture.  showing the difference
In pant sizes. 36W to 18

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

my year from surgery update

Thats right its been a year! I went to my yearly check-in appointment. Lets start with the numbers.
Surgery date:330
Thats a loss of 146 pounds! 4 pounds away from losing 150 pounds! My visit went good they weighed me and drew blood. A few weeks later the blood test came back all good except need to take vitamin d 1000 iu. I also have been having pain right at bottom of my breast bone. At first i thought it was a heart attack. It wasnt it is my stomach. I think its happening when i eat certain foods and eating to fast. I havent lost alot lately because my eating has been slipping, ive been letting foods im not allowed to eat back in. Ive been working hard to stop the bad habits. And ive gotten back to exercise i walk anywhere from 2-4 miles a day. I finally moved into a new apartment complex that has a walking trail in front of it. Its a good mile each way.