Wednesday, April 9, 2014

8 months post op update

Lets start with numbers
Start weight-383
Surgery weight-330
Current weight-264
Total loss-120 pounds

Weight loss is slowing down. So im trying to add water aerobics to my exercise twice a week.and walking ever day its nice. I really need to learn to stay away from bread and sweets and things the dr. Says not to have..i cave very little.i was good for three days then today i had a biscuit. But i promise myself to pratice saying no starting matter how much i want or who its from!

Ive been getting my protein in every day im supposed to get 90 grams but im getting 100 grams and over a day. Since last lab results said i was low on protein.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

update -7 months

Hi all, its been 7 months. Lets start with numbers.
Start weight-384
Surgery weight-330
Current weight-266.8
Total weight loss-117
Im losing slowly now. It could be im fighting with my food addiction. Ill be full and my head thinks still eat more.or eating sweet things and thinking it wont hurt. When i know in the back of my head that it will hurt me. Today im starting a new thing. I got some plant pebbles and a jar. And every pebble is worth a dollar, and for every day i stick to my food plan i get a the end of the month i get to cash in and get a non food reward. Ive been exercising again.doing a leslie samsone walking dvd. I can do 30 mins of it. And i walk outside when its warmer.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

6 month update

Yes its been 6 months...had my check up ive lost 114 pounds. And the dr. Said im doing great. Had blood work done. Still low on iron, vitamin d,low protein which i know why i had gotten to where i wasnt watch my drinking . I was drinking all the time and werent not supposed to drink 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after. I now watch it and have tried to up protein. My thyroid and cholesterol was great.

Been doing good really trying to watch the eating. My head hunger is strong. But i fight it.i eat low carb,low cal,low fat like im supposed to.

Been spending the last couple weeks getting over being sick..after gastric bypass it seems harder on you when your sick. After one emergency room visit,one overnight hospital stay for high heart rate and tons of medication later im better.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

week 25 and 100 pounds lost!

Lets start with numbers
Start weight 383
Surgery weight 330
Current weight 282.8
For a loss of 101.2 pounds! Im losing slowly but surely. Im really watching my carbs.keeping them under 40 carbs to keep me in ketosis. And watching what i put in my mouth! I go back to the doctor on Valentine' s day i hoping to be in 270's. My next goal is to get to 150 pounds lost..i have gotten a activity tracking device called up by jawbone. It tracks your activity,sleep,steps,food. And syncs with your phone application. You just plug into you earphone jack. Its a bracelet you wear on your arm.check it out online.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

week 21 update

Ive missed a couple weeks. Lets start with numbers..
Surgery date:330
Now: 287
As of today i have resloved to not put anything in my mouth that im not suppossed to have. No nibbles,bites or taste! Any time i do this i dont lose very good i usally stall or gain. Im so closeto losing 100 pounds i can taste it. My 6 month follow up appt. To see dr. Nelson is February 14 valentines day...i would like to be in 270s. This month i planned meals for the month. Ranch pork chops, California chicken,chicken bacon cowder, honey Seaseme chicken,kabobs,etc all lite recipes. If you want me to share any of them let me know!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Here's before and now pictures

The one in Gray is before.
The one in pink is now

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Why do people say i took the easy way out?

4 months out and I still hear ignorance from people who know nothing about gastric bypass or weight loss surgery in general. For example, ruben studdard on tv not long ago. Saying he wasn't gonna have surgery it the easy way out. What? The easy way out? It would be easy if we all had personal trainers like him, personal chefs, access to a gym, and the money to buy the healthy food normal people don't have all this help. Gastric bypass is a tool! Do you call this easy? I've had to have my stomach and intestines altered. I've had to give up a lot of food and drinks. My Dr. Makes me give up: soda,carbonation, straws,sweets and sugar.pasta,bread,rice,starchy veggies,and the list goes on. I have to take a lot of vitamins daily because if I don't I'll become malnourished. I get lab work every three months to check my levels to see what I need to do to raise low levels.
Its not easy, I work just as hard if not harder then a average person losing weight. Ok let me get off my soap box. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you've took the easy way out..educate them. If your that person saying that to people having the surgery stop being hurtful and ignorant.