Saturday, March 1, 2014

6 month update

Yes its been 6 months...had my check up ive lost 114 pounds. And the dr. Said im doing great. Had blood work done. Still low on iron, vitamin d,low protein which i know why i had gotten to where i wasnt watch my drinking . I was drinking all the time and werent not supposed to drink 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after. I now watch it and have tried to up protein. My thyroid and cholesterol was great.

Been doing good really trying to watch the eating. My head hunger is strong. But i fight it.i eat low carb,low cal,low fat like im supposed to.

Been spending the last couple weeks getting over being sick..after gastric bypass it seems harder on you when your sick. After one emergency room visit,one overnight hospital stay for high heart rate and tons of medication later im better.

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  1. I'm in there with You ! I had RNY aprox. 18 or so months ago. Would You believe all My weight loss stopped aprox. 8 months out from surgery.I have had lost 110 those 8 months.....then nothing ....just like that. Denise